Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jumbo CupCake Candles

Cupcake candles are a wonderful and sweet party favors.   Each cupcake candle is hand frosted just like a real cupcake.   We even dashed on some real sprinkles.  All our candles come highly scented in your choice of selected scent.

Because each candle is handcrafted, no two are identical.

Be sure to burn your candle on a heat safe dish to catch any wax drippings.   Leftover wax can be used in a tart warmer.

For more details be sure to contact us! 

Here some  choices:

When  it comes to planning a party, these irresitible candle favors are the perfect choice to your baby shower, birthday, baptism  or bridal shower.

More colors  available.


In White:

These cupcake candles will be wrapped in a clear cello bag and a pretty ribbon tying it off.

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