Saturday, November 3, 2012


"Better to ligth a candle than to curse the darkness" - Chinese Proverbs.

Candles enhance the mood of any experience, the beauty of a flame fascinates and touches humans on an almost primal level.

Being a Fire Feng Shui element, candles invoke the energy of purification and inspiration,  they warm up the energy and help release daily stress.

All our candles are made with soy or vegetable waxes and hold the highest scent that the wax they are made with can hold.

All our hand poured candles are made to order.

They make beautiful and unique gifts.  

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Fairy Pillar Candles
~For bring joy and lightness to your heart~

Pink pillar candle  dressed with light lilac & white wax and an old pink ribbon. Topped with glitter & rose petals.

Hot pink pillar candle, dressed with a colorful combination of purple, white,  green and red waxes, green ribbon and tulle. Topped with glitter,  rose buds and petals

Beige pillar candle, dressed with old pink wax and a gold ribbon. Topped with hot pink glitter & Jazmin buds.

Dark red pillar candle, dressed with a gold ribbon and topped with glitter & rose petals.

Yellow Pillar candle, dressed with ligth pink and  bright red waxes, topped with glitter and rose buds.

Yellow pillar candle, topped with rose petals and cinnamon powder

Blue pillar candle dressed with lilac wax and topped with glitter and  rose buds.

Brown pillar candle, dressed with golden beige wax, topped with glitter and  calendula flowers with gold ribbon.

Brown pillar candles 2 different sizes, dressed with golden beige wax and topped with glitter  & rose buds.

Cuore Mini Candles

Heart shaped mini candles topped with glitter, calendula flowers,  petals and ground coffee

Heart shaped mini candles, topped with glitter and jasmine buds.

Heart shaped mini candles, topped with glitter and rose petals.

Pyramidal Candle

Pyramidal candle, for turn holidays into a meaningful occasion, write a petition for favor or parchment and place under the candle. As the candle burns it will your desired result to you.

Shaped like a pyramid, it helps focus your desires and the energies of your petitions, empowering your spell and helping to increase its potency.

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